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Tricia is available for a range of Speaking opportunities.

In addition her her other book and in-person-sessions, Tricia offers an interactive lecture format that is dynamic and designed to deliver just what the audience needs. Her clinical experience and depth of understanding all allow her to field a wide range of questions.  Participants will weave a new knowledge base about how to respond to challenges with their children.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, media commentator and parenting strategist, Tricia’s workshops and keynotes combine cutting edge science, psychology and humor to connect with her audience.

Tricia’s events provide tools, strategies and understanding of the unique challenges we all face in our modern existence.  Pragmatic insight combined with guidance and self -discovery are key takeaways for attendees.

Always with a keen eye on the future, Tricia’s work is compelling for people of all ages. Married/Single, Midlife, Mothers/Father, Mid-Career changers and Millennials.  Attendees will be compelled to refresh their energy and design their own lives!

What People are Saying

I loved Tricia’s presentation!   You have a comprehensive command of the information and the ability to read people and understand their (real) questions. You blend knowledge and humility – in a way that makes it easier to hear your answers to questions that are hard for parents to ask. Bravo!

~Gwen S.

The presentation worked out so well with question coming throughout….It was apparent that everyone felt heard and received solutions. Your ability to communicate complex issues in a calm manner is unbelievable!

~ Jeanne B. 

I found Tricia’s seminar to be eye-opening and informative. My husband and I feel better prepared to help navigate through the bumpy waters of parenting.

~Sara R. 

Tricia was knowledgeable,approachable and set the framework for a very engaging discussion. We all have been enlightened thanks to Tricia’s approach to positive guidance and problem solving techniques. She encouraged us to take a much broader look at the future and the roles we will play in the lives of our children.

~Adrianne L

Parenting 2.0 Round Table – Mental Health Made Easy

 Tricia will facilitate a series of discussions for parents, educators and caregivers based on the principles from her award winning book Parenting 2.0 Think in the Future Act in the Now

The 21st Century has placed new demands on our lives. The old script for parenting does not provide enough support for what a child needs to navigate into adolescence and beyond. Parents who attend will be better prepared to respond to their child in a way that fosters mental health and builds a child’s resilience.  Parenting 2.0 provides the new script for individuals and families looking to thrive in the coming decades.  Attendees of the Parenting 2.0 Round Tables will have an important opportunity to gain a better understanding of human development and the updates required to assure success for our children in the future.

 Customized Events 

Tricia will gladly work with your organization to customize an event based on your needs and budget.
Please contact Nousoma Communications – Ellen Langas at # 610-658-5889 to arrange for consultation.

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