Contact: 610-827-7711

Tricia manages a private practice in Chester Springs Pa. She works with individual clients, couples and families by appointment.

Session Options

Initial consult: 90 min session. The extended time allows for an in-depth history and an initial segment of time working with Tricia.

Standard appointment: 60 min session

Phone Sessions: 30 min 60 min Our hectic lives and a variety of other factors can sometimes make in-person sessions impossible. Tricia offers sessions via phone for qualified clients.

Notebook session: Often parents may not be in crisis or even have a problem to work on – however, many people enjoy the comfort of an educational session with Tricia.

“I firmly believe that anyone who knows better can easily do better in their life…”

More and more people are understanding that preventing problem is truly the best way to solve them. This is especially true when raising children. In addition to her book Parenting 2.0, Tricia offers parents an opportunity to come and gain a deeper understanding of childhood development based on the latest research. Armed with a notebook, parents can record the important points that resonate with them and keep the notes for reference down the road.

Additionally, they gain familiarity with Tricia and can continue to reach out to her as a resource while the navigate the various life stages.

“Think in the Future Act in the Now” is a guiding principle for all of Tricia’s work .

For more information or to schedule an appointment Tricia can be contacted at 610-827-7711.